Sunday, November 28, 2010

The view from Highway 2.

Finally; my blog.  I have had this assignment since August and during our five hour trek from western North Dakota, as my husband drives, I am crossing it off of my list.  I have decided to call my blog futuresandflashbacks.  Actually, my husband thought of the name and it seems perfect for me; and this is why.  As our drive begins on highway 23 and we continue to zoom past oil wells, derricks, horses, and cattle, it amazes me to think about the varied world that I live in.  On one hand, I am a person who lives in the world of technology.  I read about it, I think about it, I teach, I present, and I try to learn more.  On the other hand, I love walking through a pasture on a crisp clear November day admiring nature and taking in all of the views and smells that only the western prairie can offer.

So, what will my blog be about?  My blog will be about what I think has been my best reflection or find of the week.  This might be a great teaching tip; but it could also be a great tip concerning North Dakota or cooking a great casserole.  No matter how much we embrace technology, I believe it is also important to reflect on simpler times and enjoy a great cup of  Norwegian egg drop coffee or something like that.  Take care and enjoy the week.

My favorite podcast:

Teaching with SmartBoard.  These guys are awesome.  Take twenty minutes out of your day and get a great SMARTBoard Tip.  Their jokes are a little lame; but their teaching pedagogy will help you transform what you do with your SMARTBoard.  You can find their podcasts through the itunes store or you can go to their website at:

My favorite site:
This is a great site that posts single websites at a time.  I found an animated version of the Gettysburg Address here a couple of weeks ago.  It was awesome and it would hit home with our digital learners.

ipod/ipad app:


This app is great for the preschool set.  The game has preschoolers listening to sounds and identifying the correct letter.  Our four year old loves this.  Go to for more 21st century apps for preschoolers.

Crayon Physics Deluxe

This is an awesome app for a variety of learners.  The skill level can be very basic and challenging for our four year old; but it is savvy enough and challenging enough that our 21 year old likes to play it too.