Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Edmodo in the Classroom

Yesterday and today we worked with 6th grade students and introduced them to Edmodo.  They liked the look, as they thought Edmodo looked like Facebook.  The students were eager to update their profile pictures and answer our questions.  We had students answer a simple poll and then determine what kind of Technology Personality Type they were.  We found a great little online profile at www.ftc.gov.

The biggest obstacle to tackle this morning was students who did not remember how they had signed in--even though we had given them that information.  No matter how much you plan, there is going to be someone who forgets something, someone who is absent, and someone who is attending something else.  The rose in this particular thorn, were the other students who were eager to help their friends.  Little did they realize that they were learning more in the process :)

As time goes on, I do believe that the tools used daily in the sixth grade classroom will change.  The staff and students have been wonderful to work with and are willing to walk through this journey with us.

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