Friday, December 9, 2011

Onward we go.......

This year we started a fabulous 1:1 initiative.  Currently, we have deployed approximately 550 Asus netbooks to our sixth graders and 175 Asus or Nobi netbooks deployed to our seventh graders.  Each teacher has a MacBook Pro and Ubuntu loaded on their personal computer.  Those are a couple of the technical details.

Through this blog, I am going to attempt the trials and tribulations of our first year of implementation.  So far, it has been an interesting journey.  We have been kept on our toes and have had a variety of issues, experiences, and triumps.

Each month, we get the opportunity to work for one hour with all teachers involved in the initiative.  This opportunity has been fabulous.  We get to work with all of the sixth graders twice a month as well.  So far, we have been introducing our staff to 21st Century Best Practices.  We are heavily involved in Google Apps for Education and web tools.  Students education has been centered around digital citizenship and Edmodo.

Here is the website that we use for our training session:

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