Monday, February 8, 2016

Makey Makey and Creativity

Makey Makey at Kelly

This year, one of my goals has been to learn more about coding.  Setting that goal for myself seemed to be pretty harmless and another "official" act that I would put down on paper somewhere and then forget about.  This goal, however, has proved to be something of an inspiration.  This goal has sparked me to move past my own fears and get out there and try new things. 

In November, I had the chance to learn from some amazing Denapalooza friends in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Carla often spoke about how amazing the DenSI was; but I had no idea.  I have now officially drunk the koolaid--or in NC, I think you visit the Dean Dome.  At any rate, I had a marvelous time with Carla, Wanda, Sean, Julie and Rodney.  Ya'll touched my heart and inspired my teaching.

So, I am finally going to begin posting some of the fabulous and inspirational students that I have had a chance to work with.

Tomorrow, we start building our Ecocades!!  What's an Ecocade, you ask??  Just you wait and see.