Friday, April 8, 2016

Cardboard Arcade Club

John Portman once said "Buildings should serve people, not the other way around."  With this thought in mind, we have been building cardboard arcade games at Schroeder.  The games are going to be used at the school dance and all of the proceeds from the arcade games are going to be donated to the Parkinson's Foundation.  The cardboard arcade club has been a perfect combination of service learning, hard work, cardboard, and duct tape.

Our deadline is April 20.  We won't have quite as many games as Caine's; but the Schroeder student's have been working diligently and creatively.

The goal of the cardboard arcade club was to make games out of totally recycled materials and the students have done a terrific job.  They have used miles of cardboard, coke cans, bubble wrap, and frozen orange juice lids.

This coming week, we will work on the finishing touches of game prep.  We also need to determine some logistical details and of course, how much tickets will be to play these awesome games!!

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